Primal Percussions

We hand assemble Djembes from Guinea,West Ivory Coast, and Ghana, using goat skins & cow skins from those areas of Africa.
We offer drum head repair services
and permanent Henna tattoos to personalize your drum. If you would like to see our drums-they are at Brid's Closet 296 Main Street, Cornwall NY 12518
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Primal Percussion's participates in 
a monthly drum circle at The UU Fellowship in Poughkeepsie NY-every second Friday of the month.
Event location: 67 S Randolph Ave Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
We are always available to help you with any of your questions in regards to our fine products!  Our email is:
Djembe's Ashiko's Djun Djun's Bourgarabou's and many custom made drums for sale
Ghana djembe 12.5" Goat Skin